July 9, 2001
Today Dave Schad Region 3 Wildlife Manager and Craig Kostrzewski Asst Manager Mille Lacs Wildlife Management Area requested $32,000.00 Heritage Enhancement Grant to Local Outdoors Clubs, for the Federation, to be used to smooth out our lease area so that it will be more usable and more easily managed by mechanical means (mowing). Craig is the active manager of our leased area at Four Brooks. They have taken this step to facilitate our use of the area, this is over and above the $14,000.00 that is being spent on bull dozer work. I think this makes a tremendous statement of the commitment and support for our goals at Four Brooks that the Division of Wildlife and its leaders have. If we get this grant and along with being able to fund the $16,000.00 fencing project, there will have been close to $80,000.00 of improvements for our use at Four Brooks. There can be no doubt in any ones mind that the goals we set out will be achieved and perhaps sooner than we think. The Concept Document is done and awaiting final review before starting its progression through the Divisions of The MN. DNR and arriving at the 2003 Legislature as a bill to create The Four Brooks Recreation Area. Once we have achieved Recreation Area status, improvements will really start. You will be very proud of the end results and your participation.

I ask all clubs to make a pledge, and send Joe Dolejsi a check for the fencing project. We hope to have the names of all our member clubs on the dedication plaque showing their contribution to all who will be able to use and enjoy the grounds, do to the efforts of these member clubs. The fence is scheduled to be put up the end of August or first part of September so you should have its benefits at your fall tests, trials and exercising.

Lastly, your clubs should have purchased the Training Passes that are required in order to be on the grounds and you can obtain these passes for $5.00 from your club President or Secretary. If you have a problem please contact Frank Lanasa the Federation Secretary or myself directly. The member clubs are charged with keeping track of who has which numbered pass so that if the state enforcement people ask we can supply the name and address of the individual. Our lease states that we must supply Insurance for the state and only people with passes are covered, therefore only people with passes are allowed on the grounds. You are not required to have a pass to attend a club scheduled event as all participants of a scheduled event are covered by the policy. Insurance and bath room cost the Federation over $1100.00 a year and we need to recoup those costs. We will not have to provide these items once Four Brooks is a Recreational Area. I am committed!

Roger Berg