News (2-18-00)
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2000

At this time our Four Brooks proposal and many other Environmental projects are being reviewed by the staff of the LCMR committee in order to prioritize them for the committee. Approximately 150 proposals will actually be reviewed by the LCMR committee. We obviously wish to be one of the projects proposed by the LCMR committee for approval by the House and Senate for funding from the LCMR monies. So at this time we work on our pledges for land purchase and maintenance and wait to hear if we were chosen to be reviewed by the LCMR committee. I believe we will be chosen because of all the various group that benefit from the Four Brooks proposal. Also you should know that the complete DNR is for this project. Some small but significant things are going on at this time. First there is a bill sponsored by Senator Bud Nornes of Fergus Falls and Senator Dan Steven's of Mora which will allow the DNR to acquire and manage by lease, gift or purchase land for field trials. There is a companion bill in the House but at this time I do not know the sponsors. Will have to find out, because we need to know who our friends are and return the favor by supporting them inturn. These bills clear the way for the DNR parks to effectively work with us and on our behalf. Please talk up the Four Brooks project to your friends and solicit their support. We need more pledges and may not be able to reach our goal of twenty-thousand without the help of friends. If there is a dog club or any similar group of people that you can arrange for me to tell our story I would be happy to meet with them.

See You at Four Brooks

Sincerely, Roger Berg