News (8-18-00)
Date: Aug. 18, 2000

Dear Fellow Dog Trialers and Hunters

Our efforts to obtain Meadow Creek Farms has been thwarted. We had received word in June that the offer by The Nature Conservancy was accepted. Then, rejected for another offer. The Conservancy was then allowed to make a final offer that has been rejected and the competing offer accepted.

I want to thank every one for the energy and enthusiasm you have brought to this organization. The momentum that you have built will not be lost, but rather be the vehicle that brings success to our efforts. The meetings with the DNR management and Park Dept. personnel will continue in an effort to find us a home. As Foster Hudson pointed out “we were looking for grounds when Meadow Creek was found and we will find other grounds when we start to look again”. The partnership we have forged with the Park DEPT. is most gratifying.

Thank you all for all you have done.

Keep The Faith

Roger Berg
President, MFFTC