July 3, 2001
After a very rainy June the bulldozer work is ready to commence at Four Brooks. I will meet the contractor Dean Hjort on Monday July 8th at the grounds to review our goals before work is started. I'll be there with stakes to replace the ribbons that we placed in Feb. If anyone would like to have some further input, now is the time. I will be leaving on vacation on July 17 so I won't be able to oversee much more than the beginning of the dozer work. I hope that a few other committee members will be able to make occasional visits to the site to make sure that our goals are met.

Joe Dolejsi has contacted the farmer who cut the hay last year. The farmer will be cutting the hay in a pattern that we hope will maximize it's usefulness. Contact Joe if you would like to know the exact details.

As you probably know by now the federation voted at the June meeting to solicit funds to pay for a culvert and build the fence along 169 and the gravel road to the south. The DNR wildlife division has also requested another $32,000 in grant money to further help us in smoothing the grounds so that it can be maintained with mowing equipment in the future. There is good reason to be very optimistic for the future of these grounds. You may want to check the MNDOGS website for full updates as to news and events happening at Four Brooks this fall. We are making progress!!

If anyone has any questions or if you would like to help at the site please contact me soon.

Have a happy 4th,
Bob Larsen