July 8, 2001
After waiting for several weeks for drier conditions we decided to schedule the start of work for Monday. Unfortunately the area had 2 to 4 inches of rain the night before we started. We decided to give it a go anyway. Any serious dirt moving was out of the question but there was a considerable amount of progress on day one. There were also some 'silver linings' because of the wet conditions. First of all brush and trees were easily removed roots and all because of the wet ground. The ground was also surprisingly firm so that travel by four wheeler or bulldozer was not hampered. We also did not find any large areas of standing water in any of the areas we are trying to improve. There are however a considerable number of old ruts made by the previous owner's equipment that are filled with water. But overall the area seemed to handle the large rainfall rather well. We were able to mark out the entire track that the committee marked out in February. The dozer operator was able to travel the entire course and get a pretty good idea of what we are trying to accomplish. For the rest of this week the dozer will continue to remove as much brush as possible while the ground is still moist. after he has cleared much of the larger brush he will try using the large brush disc that the DNR has available. We hope that using the disc will help break up the soil well enough so that the dozer can then smooth over many of the ruts made by the previous owner.

I have taken the large Aerial map that I was given by the DNR and marked the paths that we are creating. If anyone is interested in going over the project on Saturday at I am willing to make the trip up there to go over the work. On Monday July 15 I will make one more trip up to the grounds to go over more details with the dozer operator and I will leave the map with its course markings and comments with him at the site. After that I will no longer be able to do any supervision at the site. My wife and I will be on vacation from July 17 till Aug 4. I hope that some committee members are able to visit the site periodically to inspect the work.

If anyone contacts me I can be at the site on 10 am Sat. But if no one contacts me I won't go up till Monday morning.

The hay is now being cut and baled. and should be complete next week. IF you have questions about the haying talk to Joe Dolejsi. Roger Berg has scheduled a meeting with the fence contractor to go over pricing and details. If you want to know more about how the fence project is going contact Roger.

Bob Larsen