Four Brooks grounds improvement (08-17-02)
I visited the grounds yesterday and spoke with Craig K. and Dick T. of the Millacs DNR office.  

A continues course path of about 1.75 miles has been cleared and alternate shorter course for walking stakes has also been created.

A disk was used to break up the sod and ready the soil for a final grade. The ground will need to be dry to do a good finish grade. The recent rain we received will delay this work.

The dozer operator will also be asked to clear some shrubs and trees to make room for the fence.

After the course has been finish graded and the perimeter cleared, there will be several thousand dollars left in the budget. This money does have to be spent for heavy machinery clearing but it does not have to be spent right away this fall. I believe that we would accomplish a lot more if the left over budget money were used in the spring to clear the rocks, boulders,etc that are hidden now by the tall grass. We got a late start this year waiting for monies to arrive.

We also need to start thinking about future improvements, parking, tree plantings, grass planting, etc. Further grants have been applied for that could go a long ways towards making these grounds much more useful.

More later, Bob Larsen